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Big Breathing Books are HERE! Infants, toddlers and preschool children will enjoy these interactive breathing lessons shown in fun, colorful illustrations. Studies show that proper, guided breathing calms the body and mind and helps children be relaxed and focused. Research further demonstrates that the most effective read-aloud books are those where children more actively participate - and these books get kids involved. They will love the over-sized (12"x 12") books that are made of wipeable and tear-resistant material - they last!

The Big Breathing Books were inspired through a pediatric setting and written with the idea of helping kids. That's why purchasing a Big Breathing Book can help kids with cancer! When you purchase books, an equal number of books you buy will be given to kids in cancer treatment, which helps them with their breathing and relaxation.



Bee Breath

  • Free shipping. Please, allow up to two weeks to receive your new book. Thank you!

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