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“My yoga classes infuse kindness and joy into the world and always putting forth true and good intentions.” 

- Ann Biese

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Good Karma


Ann teaches live donation-based community yoga classes through Northshore Yoga Therapy every Tuesday night at 6:30pm and Thursday at 10:00am. Net proceeds go to support various charities.
For more information contact Ann
Go Give Yoga


Go Give Yoga Foundation’s mission to empower children to maximize their physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being through yoga is close to Ann’s heart. Go Give Yoga focuses on under-funded schools and communities in the U.S. and abroad and offers a grass roots, hands on approach to serving at risk children from Appalachia to Haiti.  By organizing teams of yoga teachers through ‘seva’, or selfless service, they travel to and work directly with children, teaching them yoga, breathing and so much more.


Ann’s trip to Haiti with Go Give Yoga and the experience she had there transformed her. She quickly became more involved and is now an executive board member.


"I'm so grateful for this work and to serve on the board of Go Give Yoga as a teacher trainer in the communities they serve. Yoga changes lives and hearts especially our own."

Go Give Yoga with Ann Biese

“Never have I received so much, while giving so little.” – Ann Biese

“In Haiti, the light in their faces shined beyond their smiles directly into their hearts and into mine, and I was never the same.” – Ann Biese

Go Give Yoga with Ann Biese

"In yoga we speak of opening the heart. Teaching yoga in Haiti has blown the doors of my heart wide open. I have connected to children whose hunger to express their inner joy lives alongside their physical hunger. They are eager to receive yoga's message: We are whole. We are one.  We are all part of the circle of yoga."

Lauren Rubenstein, PsyD - Integrative Psychotherapy - Go Give Yoga Board Member


Teenagers Need Yoga

The teen years are particularly stressful when social and peer pressures are often at the highest.  Ann believes the beneficial effects of yoga are exceptionally relevant at this time of life. She works with teens, helping them understand how their brain affects their behavior, and uses rhythmic breathing and stretching as a natural way to relieve stress.  Yoga also helps develop a positive mind-body connection in teens to improve not only body image and focus, but also posture, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. 

Yoga Can Also Help Teens 

  • Get better sleep

  • Improve concentration and attention

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Help with digestive issues

  • Expand creativity

  • Inspire a healthier lifestyle


Teen Yoga with Ann Biese

Teens Yoga Classes

Yoga and Mindfulness for Teens

Contact Ann for latest class information.

Total Duration: 1hour class

Teen Yoga

“If you give teens a little understanding about themselves, they learn to just take a breath. And when they do, they see how that breath not only changes them, but how they react to any situation.”

- Ann Biese


Yoga has tremendous benefits for everyone. In today’s crazy and frenetic world, yoga and mindfulness is a practical tool to help you develop physical and emotional wellbeing. A yoga practice that includes breathing exercises, yoga poses and ends in savasana (a rest period) helps you develop inner awareness and lowers stress.  It can also improve brain function, as well as increase flexibility and strength.

Additional Benefits of Yoga for Adults


Positive Effects on Cardiovascular System

  • Yoga can lower blood pressure in people with hypertension and improve lipid profiles in healthy people.

  • Yoga can also lower excessive blood sugar levels.


`Increase in Fitness

  • Researchers found yoga done twice a week can increase muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio-respiratory fitness.

Adults Yoga Classes

Northshore Integrative Yoga

Thursday Yoga Flow for adults 10:00-11:00am with Ann B 

Total Duration: 1hour class

Adult Yoga

"Ann's yoga classes never disappoint. She has this exquisite way of bringing you past the poses of a class and into the deeper meaning of what your yoga should mean to you off of your mat." 

Renee Grim, Groveland, MA  

Childlight Yoga


Teacher Trainer for ChildLight

For Ann, authenticity is being true to one's own spirit and character. The word resonates with her and reverberates throughout her life and the many roles she serves.  It is further evident in her work as a yoga teacher trainer for ChildLight Education Company. Training others who share in her passion for yoga, particularly yoga for children and teens, is an honor. Utilizing the ChildLight Yoga tools and knowledge to share the gift of yoga with children is a privilege.  She encourages anyone who has a heart for children to take a [ChildLight Yoga] training or become a RCYT-95 Hour teacher.  You will not regret it.


Visit the Childlight Yoga website at

for more information.


Cancer Care Meditation

Virtual Class with Yoga In Action

Mondays Restorative for Cancer Care 9:30-10:00am


Total Duration: 30 minute class

​Ann has dedicated herself to discovering yoga’s true restorative power. Her training as an E-RYT 200 and 500 –RYT certified yoga instructor led her to become certified in Restorative Yoga. Ann’s cancer care classes are derived out of her additional training with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Care Center.

Ann observed the physical and emotional benefits of yoga when she offered her first class for cancer care patients in 2011, and from that point on, has worked to bring peace of mind and balance to her students. She has built a safe, effective and empowering yoga program tailored to meet individual needs and for students to feel welcome, supported and honored. 
*Patients must have a signed waiver from their Cancer Care physician to participate.
Cancer Care Yoga

“As a cancer survivor, I have found strength and wisdom through yoga. It has allowed me to find inner peace during a time when my mind was racing. Even when I am not feeling well or am tired, gentle yoga poses feel good to my body and I begin to feel energized. Through yoga, I have an overall sense of well-being and happiness.”




Kim Dowling, The North Shore, Boston MA

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