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Ann’s joy is visiting schools, libraries and book stores and speaking with groups and organizations across the country. There is nothing better for her than interacting directly with young people. Ann’s presentations go beyond teaching breath and mindfulness and calm centering; they are dynamic and, the interactive learning leaves a lasting impression on participants. 

“Ann's ability to connect with each child and appreciate their individual learning styles in our diverse population looks like magic, but it’s a testament to her creativity and experience.”

Gretchen Arntz, Chief Development Officer Emmaus Family Shelter, Haverhill, MA

Why Schedule a Visit from Ann?

As anxiety and stress rise in children, learning to decompress has never been more important. A recent article in Psychology Today, stated that 25% of 13 to 18 year olds have mild to moderate anxiety and that girls are more likely to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder than boys. These are astonishing facts and do not begin to account for the number of children who struggle with day to day anxiousness that comes with tests, school projects, sports, friends, etc.  Worrying and anxiety are impacting our children like never before, so now is the time to teach them to breathe properly. Studies have shown proper breathing strengthens the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, which increases the feeling of happiness and a positive mind-set.  It also promotes better sleeping and helps strengthen self-awareness.  Learning to lower stress is a life skill children can turn to forever. 


Ann’s Presentation

The presentations are more than just an opportunity to teach children to breathe and center themselves; they are an engaging and entertaining arrangement of mindful breathing exercises, deep stretching, music and movement designed to make real life connections and a positive difference in children’s lives.



Ann’s assemblies are relevant for entire schools or individual classrooms, and are effective in preschools and elementary schools. In addition to a reading and a demonstration of proper breathing highlighted in her book Worry Bee, Ann’s program engages children using mindful techniques, deep stretching, movement and music.


Ann’s program, Breath Be Fit, is a tool used by teachers to help manage their classrooms. Breath Be Fit uses a series of up to four breathing styles, each one requiring only five minutes of classroom time daily, and each one helping students become better prepared and more focused. Ann has trained teachers and students in her Breath Be Fit program, and it has been successfully implemented in schools stretching from the Northshore Boston Schools to as far south as Port Au Prince, Haiti, where it has been additionally used to help children in orphanages.  

The Breath Be Fit Program is favorable because it… 

  • uses breathing exercises that are easy to learn and simple to use.

  • does not require any additional equipment. 

  • can improve the health of the whole body.

  • helps with relaxation, reducing tension, and relieving stress.

  • can be implemented into any classroom situation or atmosphere,  ranging from energizing to calm.




Ann’s program for middle and high school students, focuses on combating stress and anxiety that often comes with exams, relationships, sports, jobs, and other issues facing teens and tweens. Her program Breath Be Fit, is evolved for older students using mindfulness concepts, open discussion, breathing and deep stretching.





Ann is available to speak with parent and teacher organizations, mothers’ groups and others, with programming focused on specific needs.



Not seeing what you need?  Ann customizes programming to suit specific needs and audiences.

“Ann is simply amazing. The children love her fun and engaging presentation of mindful breathing and yoga games and songs, but the staff and parents love the calming, more focused transformation it has on the kids.” 

Julie Grundy, Director of Education Development - Haverhill YMCA / Plaistow Community YMCA

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